Smile Makeovers in Campbell

Have you ever looked in the mirror and not been satisfied with your smile? Whether it's discoloration, chipped teeth, or something else, it can be hard to feel confident in a smile that's not entirely up to par. That's why the team at Vino Smiles Dentistry offers life-changing smile makeovers for the community around Campbell, CA.

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Smile Makeovers in Campbell

What Is a Smile Makeover?

A Smile Makeover combines cosmetic dental treatments tailored to your needs, aiming to make any imperfections in your teeth disappear. From teeth whitening and teeth straightening to veneers and implants, there are many treatments available.

With Dr. Christopher Rodriguez's experience and expertise, you can get a customized smile makeover that will fit your budget and boost your self-esteem and overall health.

Smile Makeovers in Campbell

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Every smile makeover is unique because it is designed to address each patient's specific needs and preferences.

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The Benefits of Smile Makeovers

Enhanced self-confidence

A smile makeover will give you back self-confidence by creating a beautiful smile to show off.

Improved physical appearance

If there are areas of your teeth or gums that you're unsatisfied with, a smile makeover can help. From straightening crooked teeth to reshaping uneven gums, these solutions can help enhance your physical appearance.

Improved oral health

Your dentist will use the smile makeover to improve the strength and durability of your teeth by replacing old fillings or removing any problem areas like fractured enamel or deep decay.

We Offer KöR Teeth Whitening

Because of its versatility and overall effectiveness, KöR at-home whitening allows you to brighten your smile in the way that suits your needs and lifestyle. KöR-Seal™ whitening trays are made of thin clear flexible vinyl and are carefully fabricated to fit very precisely to your teeth. Most patients find these trays extremely comfortable to wear, both during the day and at night. The KöR Whitening system has proven to consistently produce whiter, brighter smiles for patients of all ages. Schedule a consultation to get started with KöR today!

The Makeover Process

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Initial Consultation

During this appointment, Dr. Rodriguez will assess the condition of your teeth and discuss any potential treatments you may need to reach your desired goals.

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Treatment Plan

Depending on your unique objectives, your dentist in Campbell will create a customized treatment plan that outlines all the procedures needed for a full smile makeover. Depending on your case, this plan will be tailored to you and may consist of a combination of treatments such as porcelain veneers, dental implants, cosmetic gum contouring, or braces.

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Once the treatment plan has been agreed upon and scheduled, preparation for those procedures may begin. For specific treatments such as porcelain veneers or crowns, teeth impressions may be taken to achieve esthetically pleasing results.

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During this final step, each procedure listed on the treatment plan you and Dr. Rodriguez selected will be completed until you have achieved the desired result! Once complete, you can rest assured that he will have taken all necessary steps to ensure your new cosmetic enhancement looks flawless from every angle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Many aspects of cosmetic dentistry are not typically covered by insurance. However, some treatments, such as crowns or dental implants, could be partially or wholly covered. It's best to check with your health insurance provider to determine what portion of your treatment will be covered.

Your personalized treatment plan for a smile makeover will vary depending on the extent of dental work needed to achieve your desired result. A complete exam and consultation with Dr. Christopher Rodriguez can help provide answers about which treatments you'll need and how long the process may take for your particular situation.